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At the heart of Pora Ora lies Pora Pal HQ, a downloadable desktop game world which brings all of the great features of Pora Ora together. Here, children can customise their home, explore worlds, collect and care for their Pora Pals, embark on quests and play educational games with their friends and classmates.

Pora Ora HQ

Pora Pal HQ started off as a browser based MMO for children but due to the size of the the game and quality of the 3D graphics, it is now available as a standalone game that can be downloaded onto a PC or mac.


  • Massively multiplayer 3D World for children
  • Lots of educational games that covering spelling, times tables, maths, literacy that will add sparkle to learning
  • Wide range of virtual pets to collect and care for which will motivate your child to learn
  • Exciting quests that will promote computation thinking and problem solving
  • Safe social network for children
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